A lasting campaign

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“A message intended for the 16,000 Dutch funnel chest-patients … can you do something with that?” Yes, with an online video we will make a campaign and distribute it within that target group. So far the point of departure at Atrium MC Heerlen. The counter is now at 22,000 hits. The first step was the production of a film about a treatment that is indeed very interesting for young people with this indisposition. Subsequently the film has been integrated in several ways in order to serve the diverse platforms of the target group. For this, one needs to develop creative approaches. Or even to set up an own platform for the respective topic. Yet in this case, the existing channels were fairly accessible. A year further and the film has been viewed through the diverse platforms more than 22,000 times. Those visitors are patients and their parents, as well as doctors and other medical professionals. Online video here proves that the score can be enormous if you succeed in finding the right match between message and target group. The same film can be used for many years without additional costs. Any¬†search engine will find the film easily. And everyone in the target group gets to know the involved surgeon and his hospital.


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