A worldwide viral campaign

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Who has missed this? A man called Joseph Kony is Africa’s biggest criminal. He dragged thousands of children into a spiral of senseless violence and produced an abominably long list of victims. However, without political or economic interest this criminal cannot be fought. The world’s leaders never find a consensus on this issue. Social media however do break that paralysis. By the initiative of a few, the pressure on the African criminal has risen substantially. It is this film that makes a difference. By engaging the viewer to support the fight against this killer the group of followers attains an enormous size. This has an influence on publicity and electoral interests – and suddenly something does happen. This is the story of the bottom-up influence in a case that previously seemed to be lost already. The tactics: “Make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest”. Director: Jason Russell. Journeyman has made ​​a documentary about the hunt.


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