VIA2018. This Is Your Wake Up Call.

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The decision of Maastricht & Euregio to go for the title European Capital of Culture 2018 has been taken long ago. However, in order to present this ambition in an official way, the bidbook of the candidacy was presented to the broader public in a show on the 7th March 2012. As an introduction into the topic T36 produced the teaser “This is your Wake Up Call”. With hundreds of bells children from Maastricht and the surrounding region are “waking up” politicians and managers, announcing that we are ready to shape Europe’s future. A project that has been a great pleasure for out team to work on – if only for that one ‘painful’ moment.
Directed by: Mark Routs | Camera: Bram Rusman |  Camera2: Ron Ramakers | Sound: Coen Schmitz | Foly+music+sound: Erik van der Ven | Production: Stijn Halfens
Featuring Mila Schmitz in the leading role.
Do you also support the candidacy?


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