“Paths of Hate” animated short film

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Here it is in HD: the full version of Paths of Hate. There has already been a very promising trailer that we highlighted earlier in this blog. And now just click on full screen, settle back, full blast. Because this is a truly impressive film leading to a blood-red climax within 10 minutes. Paths of Hate is a short film about the air battle between a Spitfire and a Messerschmitt. The pilots go beyond all boundaries to blast their opponent. There is also a nice making-of with explanation provided by creator Damian Nenow. In a month’s time the film has attracted more than 35,000 viewers and it seems to be gaining prices everywhere. …’cause what you see here, only animation can do.

  1. Pierre Maas op 18/04/2013

    Ik weet niet hoelang dit er al op staat, maar super!

  2. Halfens op 18/04/2013

    Al een tijdje inderdaad.. Maar gaaf gemaakt he 🙂 Kunstenaarswerk!