Maastricht Visit

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T36 has produced several promotional films for Maastricht. The genre is classic. Numerous clichés arouse in every tourist that immediate sense of familiarity. Yet, this reasoning has become obsolete. Much more significant is the emotion that emerges from a city or a destination, from what they have to offer at their very core. Thus, not arguments and evidence are sought for, but the carriers of emotional attachment. This is what makes the viewer develop a general feeling of interest and the wish to experience the city during a visit.
In this film T36 has designed an atmospheric sketch which contains only few clichés. A clip that makes the city palpable in its sunny experience. Which provides the viewer with a reason to go and visit the place.
We see it rarely happening that a large group of corporate clients (MECCMCBVVVUMGemeente MaastrichtMaastricht Health Campus, and Biopartner)  commissions such a complex order. Moreover, the group allocated complete creative freedom to T36 in the design of the film. And everyone who sees it will understand that this film could not have been otherwise than that.



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