Video in print

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It is very rare that we present something ugly here. Several foreign publishers have experimented with it in various forms – moving picture in magazine. Sanoma Media together with UPC and the media agency UM has come so far as to have a video being integrated in the Playboy and Marie Claire magazine. The medium has been given the horrible name “Vidipri” and as it appears right now it constitutes a mere prestige issue – for the video is a pure abomination. Not to mention the environmental impact once these magazines end up in the waste paper container. What will happen to the battery, the circuit board and the LCD screen? UPC marketer Mark Giesbers says that “Through a mini-USB port it is possible to reload the screen and possibly to put yourself a video on it.” Whitewashing the issue like this might be a good try, yet it does not change the very fact of needless waste being produced.


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