The power of Local

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‘The Power of Local’ is the first in a series of five commercials for Gulpener Beer. The series is aimed at people who believe in the ‘story behind a product’. People who find inspiration in new ways of approaching our world. This story creates a framework, where we can place Gulpener Beer as a responsible brand. All is done in just 45 seconds; every word carefully chosen, improved and perfected. We hope that when this message resonates with the viewer, it becomes natural for him to choose Gulpener Beer.
Because.. Everybody wants to taste a good story..

Also have a look at the other commercials: the hopfarmer,  the barleyfarmer, the brewmaster and the owners of  Beercafe de Klep .

  1. De Jambrouwerij op 20/02/2013

    Mooie commercials en een goede slogan: ‘Iedereen wilt een goed verhaal proeven!’