Sound and Time

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Justin Boyd of Southwest School of Art in San Antonio (Texas) is obsessed by sounds. He has a very engaged and professional approach in catching sounds of nature and the city. Armed with sophisticated equipment he is a sensitive collector. Except a babbling brook, trains and birds his archive also contains exotic sounds of journeys around the world. By combining samples he creates new sounds and intriguing works of art. This short film about his work is a source of inspiration for film makers.

  1. Angela Walley op 03/11/2013

    Thank you so much for sharing our film and for your thoughtful response!

    • Jean-Paul Toonen op 04/11/2013

      Hi Angela. Now we have redesigned our blogsite, I hope Justin’s story will get some extra attention 😉 His way of working is a creative boy’s dream : )

  2. Angela Walley op 07/11/2013

    The new design looks great!