Wallonia fights for Talent

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This commercial should establish Wallonia (Belgium) as an innovative knowledge-based region where you can live on a high standard. This proposition is almost the same as those that are used for Limburg and the Maastricht region. Many regions in Europe are fighting for the favour of the same innovative companies and knowledge workers. Would new talent choose to work and live in a certain area, based on such campaigns? The commercial is absolutely beautifully made and shows the strongest topics that the Walloon country has to offer. But will the viewer pick up the message of four elements in the end of this commercial? The pay of says: Sense of sharing – Accessibility – Technical know-how – Quality of life. We recognize them all of course. The campaign is one month on-line and scored on YouTube 1,500 views. The music is made by the Walloon band Girls in Hawaii. Thanks to Ruben Casad for this tip.


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