A full media experience

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To excite a regular viewer, you need to come up with something good. Storytelling might look like the solution, but a nice story is not enough. They should be told in a contemporary way. Because your audience wants the experience, not only the smooth talk. A new dimension in communication seems to be Virtual Reality. For that reason T36 invests considerably in the world of 3D glasses and VR headsets.

But there are still some restrictions on Virtual Reality. As applications become more affordable for viewers, for small groups the most VR presentations are unsuitable. The nowadays answer is a Media Mine.

For groups of visitors, the MediaMine – a complete video environment – has great impact. There’s no need for a lot of space, because the MediaMine can also be realized in a truck, or in an office, or even a forgotten wardrobe room. In this example, T36 established a large screen and a number of side-screens, 180 meters LED lighting with surround sound. The result is a viewing experience that you will not forget.

Media Mine is ideal for multiple messages in the same space, so that the investment can be recouped in the decoration of this space a few years. Think of trading floors, tourist centers, museums and exhibition spaces, administrative centers, urban renewal, mobile product presentations etc.

The first MediaMine is installed at the Province of Limburg. In just 5 minutes you will have a complete feeling of the importance of this regional institution. The best way to experience the Media Mine, is by contacting the Service Desk of the Province of Limburg, 043 389 77 77.


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