Alzheimer in Virtual Reality

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Alzheimer’s is a disease with many aspects. To show viewers the essence of this gruelling process, we have produced a Virtual Reality video for Cicero. Viewers experience in three-dimensional space an evening with an Alzheimer’s patient. The scene is written as a typical situation that is increasingly difficult to manage, and wherein the support of experts is necessary.

Producing a VR-video is a special job, and watching them only works with a special VR-headset. The perception of a virtual reality is like real-life, at least if all the details and sounds contribute to the credibility of the set. In this video also animation techniques in 3D were used, to make the story as visual as possible. To view all the effects, a cardboard is required or (better) special VR-goggles.
The video’s first showing was a special presentation to a group of relations of Cicero, who immediately got a very striking picture of the Alzheimer issue.


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