Humorous Facebook Campaign

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The Facebook Campaign Stadsgoud 2017 has reached its target. In recent days, the response to the provocative video has earned a regional top score, and the end is not in sight.

The video campaign of Stadsgoud was a direct hit, which is difficult to improve in size and quality. “The Lion King in Wittevrouwenveld” received 20,000 responses, comments and shares. The humorous video has appeared on half a million time-lines. And there were hardly any negative reactions. The latter is not unimportant to our client. Thanks to the entertaining videos of Lucky TV Dutch viewers are familiar with the genre of humorous parodies and satire.

Our client Elizabeth Strouven Fonds organizes the Stadsgoud contest for the third time. And the campaigns, that invite all inhabitants each year to participate, are usually based on humor. Writer and editor Ron Ramaekers, his T36 colleagues and the client came quickly to an agree, about this parody of the proverbial Maastricht pride and the instigation to tease the neighbours from Eijsden, through a Facebook campaign. What is this video showing us?

In the far future a lion and his son are wandering in the beautiful surroundings of Maastricht. All well-known places in the area are changed into iconic natural monuments. Because the Maastricht inhabitants took part in a nature-contest in 2017. In the end the little Simba asks: what’s that obscure little place over there? And his father answers unexpectedly: Oh, that’s the village of Eijsden, better stay away from there.

In reality Eijsden is a beautiful village with very nice people, with a very good sense of humor. But making a little fun of each other is natural habit in this region. And you can see that in the cascade of 2,500 reactions: No hate-response from Eijsden at all. Only amused reactions. That’s also nowadays world, with a good common sense and tolerance.
It’s impossible to predict the effects of a campaign in advance, but in this case the gut-feeling appeared to be reliable 🙂


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